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What is up with our racecar? .. err spare time!

Now we are famous!

Never thought this would happen but i got a piece about this project in a Dutch racing magazine called start84!super stoked about it. For those who understand Dutch, it’s their June 2020 issue 😉

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Productive Easter weekend

With all the COVID-19 missery around us, I spend the last 4 days in my shed working on the HateGenerator. Finishing of the big gaping hole in the firewall, so my car is now compliant with regulations again.. and safe.Also […]

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closing the firewall

First off i want to apologize for the hideous welds!I find it super tricky to weld thin sheet metal with a stick!I should really really really practice more… anyway, there is some progress to report.I’ve started with closing up the […]

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Heat management: exhaust/Turbo

Heat is the number 2 enemy of any racecar. (number 1 enemy is brakes)It’s justed energy going to waste. Those of you who paid attention to the physics lessons at school know that any gas flows faster when the hotter.Keeping […]

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making a pipeline..

Ever since starting the SAAB B204 Turbo swap I wanted to change the fuel lines.Any stock road car will have the fuel lines under the floor for safety reasons (soaked carpet if leaking etc), but with racecars it is dangerous […]

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Helping out.

sometimes you need to help a fellow carguru… Djessey has some testing planned this saturday.. but last friday i got this image.. If i knew someone who has new set of rear camber arms in stock? I said why not […]

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