Team-Shepherd launches a complete new online shop

At kingsday 2016 Team-shepherd.nl launched a completely new webshop.
In the past they managed their own Open Cart webshop on a VPS, but it got to much (and to technical) to manage, and because we had an advisory role back when they started with Open Cart they decided to join our platform.

Managing +/- 100 products is doable but when you grow to +/- 3500 products, managing all those product is just to much to do in you spare time.

Now we (Motorsport-media-design) take care of keeping everything moving forward, updating plug-ins, importing new products, creating graphics etc and Team-Shepherd.nl can focus again on the business side of things šŸ™‚

New online shop for Team-Shepherd.nl

The new shop also features a split assortment of product, on one side there are all the nitro related products, and on the other all the electric r/c products