B2B solutions

Know your stock

Your online shop knows/monitors your stock. View the stock quantities of all your products and add a minimum stock quantity so you can only sell what you have in stock. This way your customers know that you deliver! Connect your online shop to your stock keeping software to keep your stock levels up to date without cumbersome in-exports of excel files.

Knowing your customers

Motorsport-Media-Design offers comprehensive options to manage your customers. New customers can log-in after your approval? no problem. Show pricing after log-in? easy.
You can even manage the user rights for your employee’s who can use your online shop (or certain parts of it)

Different customers, different prices?

Manage your customers from one location. Add customers to a customer group that can use quantity based discounts, or customer group based discount rules.
Are you working with excel based price lists? let us know and we set up your online price rules.

Import & export files

Via XML- and CSV-files you can easy import or export files. This way you can export customer-, order- and stock details easily and exchange date with external software. with this method you will always be the owner of your online shop’s data.

New markets, new shop?

With your platform you are not limited in the number of products that you can sell online so if you decide to open another online shop next to your current shop, no problem! Give us a call (or email) and we set-up the basics for you so you can start right away!