Data migration

Is your current webshop running in Magento 1.9.x? (or even older?) and you wish to start with a Magento 2.x webshop?
There is a big chance that you already figured out that it isn’t a simple export/import job.

Most migrations aren’t so simple, we often see that this is the chance to update some product data at the same time, that customers can filter on certain items (which wasn’t previously available), or that some kind of data has to be structured or added.

For example, you sold some wheels in your old webshop, obviously they go to the new webshop, but you want to add data like: wheel diameter, wheel width, ET values, bolt pattern etc etc.
Also, customers can filter on the wheel diameter etc.

Magento calls this additional product data “Attributes”.
And before you can migrate the product data you need to have the old attributes to be available and somewhat similar in the new webshop.
If that is the case (it rarely is but hey, let’s imagine it is) then we can do a “simple” export and import!

If you need help with your migration from Magento 1.9.x to Magento 2.#, let us know!

How we’d proceed:

  • First we compare the old attributes vs the new attributes;
  • Are there any changes to the data structure?
  • No? then our magic happens!

We can’t give a fixed price on a migration, there are too many factors, but contact us to start with a chat about how many products, what are the changes etc!

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