Improving cooling

During my last trackday at Mettet with Speed4Fun i’ve noticed that my watertemps got a bit hot, like 120’C 😱🥵

While the size of my MX-5 radiator is fair bit bigger compared to a stock SAAB 9-3 size one it was lacking airflow, well, lacking airflow trough the radiator to be precise.

Nothing like ducttape and a 3D printer can’t fix 😎

Few hours of printing and several metres of ducttake later… i’ve closed more or less most of the air leaks on my cooling tray.

All the airflow that gets trough the front bumper passes trough the intercooler before passing trough the radiator. (still some leakage between the intercooler and front bumper)

did it help?

doing 2x 25minute sessions at Meppen showed massive improvements! watertemps stayed at the 100’C mark. 🥳🥳