MS Motorsport

a webshop that has seen 2 migrations!
First from his old host to our platform and then later to our newer & improved version 2 platform.

Migration 1

Simple server migration

In 2017 we started working with MS Motorsport on his webshop with specific car parts for the trackday enthusiast.

First we moved his webshop to our platform and made some changes in the settings so all the products were visible again.

After that we continued adding products & improving the descriptions of existing products

MS Motorsport screenshot 2012
MS Motorsport screenshot 2020

Migration 2

Old to New

Then in 2019 it was time to move is webshop to our new platform, this meant we had to prepare our new platform with the correct attributes & data sets.

It also was a good time to upgrade some product descriptions & images at the same time.

Massive product import

Adding 2600 products

Late 2019 / early 2020 MS Motorsport became the official INTRAX Suspension dealer & service point for the UK.
As well as servicing their products it also meant listing most (2600+) of their products in the webshop.

This was, for us, a simple job with some excel magic!

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