Rally for Kids recap

Friday 27th of May we participated in an charity event from Rally for Kids, while it was an early start for us, as we picked up the trailer at 06:45, loaded up a friends car, and then mine.

Early start, early finish?

In the week before the event, when building the make-some-noise-exhaust we noticed the engine was unusually smoky, at first we thought that there was some coating on the new steel pipe that was burning off, but the smoking got worse and worse.
Even at somepoint, on overrun it was billowing out a lot of smoke … hmm

No more Stutututu for you

That amount of smoke… and on track it was lacking pace… that means only one thing… Turbo is dying.
We did baby it a bit and managed to do a few runs in the morning with some of the kids riding along.
In the afternoon i parked it up to save it a bit, the car was increasingly smokey-er … and getting slower…

Surgery / The day after

Sigh… time to heal the wounds?
Not really

There is a possibility that we go to Racepark Meppen on the 6th of Juni with the HARC so no time to rest, turbo has to come off for inspection. (what if the turbo is fine, but the engine is smoking?)
Well, it is the turbo that is smoking!

That is supposed to be dry… cause of the excessive smoke found… now the cure within a week…
Will call a turbo revision company close to work on Monday, hopefully they have time, otherwise we mount a different turbo (same size)

Ah well, part of the hobby i’d guess.