Front subframe modifications (again)

Many many many years ago i brought a set of ChromeMoly (allegedly) wishbones with uniballs from an old friend.
He had made them for his Rallycar but never got to use them… so i got my hands on them and mounted them on my car.

Did a few trackdays with them and you feel absolutely everything with them!
But there is a drawback…

with the way they were mounted i could not use the full suspension travel.
One of the uniballs was already mounted at an angle that limited the droop travel. You could argue that a racecar doesn’t need so much suspension travel.

But it made mounting the coilovers a pain in the a..
You had to compress the coilover in order to get it in… not good.

So i hatched a plan..

A simple solution would be to rotate that offending uniball 90 degrees.
Theory all fine… in practise.. not so simple.
That single 1mm steel layer of the E36’s subframe would hold any forces created (by the front suspension) on it, so i plan to use both top and the bottom part of the subframe with 2 pieces of 6mm steel inserts.
Like these printed red prototypes.

I think this might work.. so time to get them made.. 6months later šŸ™‚
Got a bit busy with finishing of other parts of my car.
Well.. i got now to the point the car is nearly ready to go!!

Cue the stick welder…

Yesterday i made time to get on with it, not much to add in words so here is a small gallery.

Still need to do the other side, and close up the big hacked up holes with 1mm steel plate to regain some rigidity.