Racecar updates February / March 2018

It has been quit with our “company car”.. life got in the way i suppose.

I did manage the do some sessions in november, and ended with a loose brake caliper!
Good thing is that when i braked, the pulled itself onto the brake disc.. but still…

After chatting to Martin from MS Motorsport in the UK about coilovers he offered me a set of AST 5100 coilovers, very cool, these are true coilovers for the rears in an E36 chassis.
one catch thou, the set is made for an E46 Chassis!

As luck would have it, a friend of mine had a complete E46 front subframe laying around, so i got a pair of hubs from him, ordered a pair of steering knuckles (the tapered part of the steeringjoint is bigger on the E46) and got it all bolted to my E36 chassis.

Next up, picking up the coilovers in the UK (and take the missus along to make it a nice weekend away)
Back in the hotel i haven’t slept much, kept looking at the coilovers! šŸ™‚

While we drove back on a monday, that evening i was already in the shed, fitting one of the coilovers!

Lots of clearance with 17×7 rims! my 17×8 give a little bit less clearance off course but still a good 7mm.

Since i also changed the clutch, it took some time to get the car back on her wheels.
This is how she currently sits, with no alignment or set-up work done yet!

If you compare the first picture in this post with the one above… you’d notice also a change in front end aerodynamics.
Gone are the polyurethane GT corners (along with the flaky paint!) and hello GT style splitter!

also a cool addition to my company car:
full carbon rear interior cards! <3
They don’t add any speed or power, but they look just plain cool!