Trackday prep….

Last few weeks were to finish up the car to get it ready for it’s first trackday after all those changes (engine swap, brake change, carbon roof, different coilovers etc) and we are struggeling to get all leaks closed.. and there were some!

One was from the oilfilter housing to the oilcooler which has M14 to Dash 8 adapters. I placed an copper crushring behind the adapter but it still leaked extensively!
Replacing the copper ring with an rubber o-ring solved that!

Also resealed the oilpan…

Start the engine and let her heat up.
Yeah oil leaks are gone!!

Err, yah nah… not really…
After the engine oil came up on temp.. the oil was pissing out again!

Damnit, must be the rear main seal then.
This dreaded discovery was made on 10/07 at 22:00 … we called it a day.

Sundaymourning (yes intended)

Next morning at 08:30 i was back in the shed.. looking sad at it.. but looking sad doesn’t bring you anywhere… so on with it!

After an hour work, the complete front is off!
I need to take the complete front of as the above assembly is mounted to the bumper supports and the subframe… and that same subframe needs to be lowered to remove the engine.
The joys of mounting the engine so far back 🙂

3,5hrs later (after 08:30) the engine is out and gearbox already taken of.
I can’t take the gearbox of when the engine is in the car, there is absolutely no room to get to the upper bolts.

And there we found 2 very leaky seals… the rear main seal hold no oil in the engine, and after removal we noticed it was hard as concrete..
The valvo cover seal isn’t doing much either, replacement is ordered, and is surprise surprise easy to change with the engine in the car! 🙂

Patient in surgery.

We opened up the engine to look for the spring that should be inside the rear main seal.
couldn’t find it… so that was a waste of effort.
that damn spring was still in the main seal but covered in a thick layer of gunk.. and wasn’t springy anymore.

Now the time is around 16:00… (yes, i took a lunchbreak)
After sanding down the crankshaft flange to make it smooth again (as it had some light surface rust on the very outer edge) we installed the new main rear seal and bolted everything back up.

Ready? set? Go to bed!

we stopped at 16:30 or so for a rest and dinner, at 19:00 we got back again to see how far we could get with it.. well not much further then mounting the gearbox back on the engine.
That took to much energy after an already exhausting day that we called it quits.
By now it was also 20:30 orso.. i’ve spend nearly 12 hours on it.

Does it work?

Tuesday 13/07 we put the engine back in, mount the radiator etc and go for the 10.000th leak test.
if she can hold her fluids, should be, at somepoint you have replaced everything already… if she holds it… we go to Mettet with GP Days on 16/07 for the first shakedown!

if it leaks again?
anybody wants to exchange 3 bmw’s for a sailboat?