TrackTime on Christmas Eve

After the short test session in the rain on Zolder at “Sinterklaas” (5th of December), which wasn’t a great succes btw.
It was on road tires… and the track was very slippery.

Anyway, for Christmas Eve the forecast said it would be dry, well, it wasn’t 🙂

First Session:

During the drive to the track it was already raining, and i had hopes that it would be dry hence i fitted the semi-slicks when i loaded up the car onto the trailer.
A well, unload the trailer and swap the tires to Dunlop Full-wets.

OMG that’s something different!

Driving out of the pitlane it was very noticeable that these full-wets had a lot, i mean a looot!, more grip in the rain compared to road tires.
Unfortenatly it was still raining and the car was fogging up badly so visibility was close to zero.

Nevertheless, i got more and more confidence in the car!
Truly amazed how much grip i got with the rain tires.

Last session:

I booked the last session on purpose, it was getting dark so in theory the flames from the exhaust should be more visible… but i’m not sure if she did spit some flames..
But in good news, the rain stopped and my windscreen was getting clearer!
That meant i could push more then before… which i did and it was great fun.

Also, i was the only driver on track!
No worries about traffic!
but it wasn’t all fun and games.. somehow my driverside front fender came loose and broke away on the main straight 😀

A well, part of the game i’d guess… and i carried on!

Thanks for RSZ for letting me run solo in the last session of the year!
It was a blast!