Heat management: exhaust/Turbo

Heat is the number 2 enemy of any racecar. (number 1 enemy is brakes)
It’s justed energy going to waste.

Those of you who paid attention to the physics lessons at school know that any gas flows faster when the hotter.
Keeping the exhaust gasses hotter improves the breathing of your engine, helping with throttle response and making more horsepower!

This helps especially with Turbo engines, the faster the exhaust gasses are flowing, the faster your Turbo generates boost.
Since i had to move my Turbo further away from the head, it will generate a bit more lag.

To combat it i’ve wrapped my turbo feeding pipe in heatwrap.
In theory i should add a thermocouple at the end/just before the turbo to measure the temps… and try one session without the heatwrap, to see if there is any difference… but first i should get this engine running.

This will also help to lower the ‘under the bonnet’ temps.
Since the turbo oil/water lines are running close to the Turbo downpipe i’ve added a heat shielding sleeve around them. (and will add the heatwrap also on the downpipe too!)
Hopefully this prevents cooking the oil/boiling the water.
It makes a busy enginebay too!